Friday, January 14, 2011

a rockin' makeover

now that the holiday season is over, i can get back to my irregularly unscheduled blogging. which is better than no blogging at all, yes? and never fear, friends; good things come to those who wait. things like a furniture painting project for another person! not related to me! who paid me! for painting! a "commission" for a "client," if you will. and i think i will.

the client: the sweet mama of two precious little girls
the commission: transform her husband's childhood rocking chair:

into something that will better compliment his daughters' girly-girl style:

pink and green and girly? this might be a stretch for me.

or, you know, not.

a little paint, glaze and creative-muscle-flexing later, and behold:

funnest. project. ever.

*i know funnest is not the proper superlative of fun. blogging grammar is like abstract art: you have to know the rules, then you can break them. capishe?
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