Thursday, March 15, 2012

rope-wrapped lamp

so when we got married, captain fantastic had this cheap craftsmany mission-type floor lamp. something to this effect:

(i just spent about 45 minutes trying to find an actual picture of the actual lamp on my computer. no dice. so, as per usual, you'll have to use your imagination here.)

anyway, the stained glass shade broke. and i was sad. and then the base sat in the attic for a while. and then the base sat in the living room for a while with a red shade that a) did not fit b) did not match anything. and then in january, i got sick with one of those colds where you're too sick to do anything like go to work but not sick enough to lie in bed all day without losing your entire mind.

so i took the lamp base.

and a ball of twine.

and a glue gun.

and wrapped and glued.

and wrapped and glued.

and wrapped and glued.
until my husband came home from work and was like "you're STILL doing that?"

but anyway it was worth it. because now, instead of an ugly target reproduction mission style lamp, it is a rustic-yet-chic custom hemp-wrapped lamp. with a pleated shade. which i think gives it just enough traditional flair to keep it this side of log cabin.

...but let's not pretend that in real life it doesn't live like this:

only a matter of time before rivadawg eats it.
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