Wednesday, June 23, 2010

la chaise. FINI!

french. fancy. i know. somehow i am kinda good at french. placed 8th in the state on a high school french test, then managed to place into 300-level college classes on a 7 am exam after a first-week-of-college bender. file this with my numerous other mostly-impractical skills, like being able to twist my tongue into a clover and having a degree in anthropology.

but that's not why you're here.

remember like eleventy years ago when i proclaimed that if little old ladies could upholster than so could i? no? well i did. and then i signed up for an upholstery class at a quasi-local community college in the great state of m'issip. in february. and then for months the chair sat in various states of incompletion. until this past monday night. when i. finished. upholstering. the chair.

do you hear the angels singing and see the rainbow streaking the sky as beams of light break through the clouds? indeed.

hand-me-down chair before (amongst christmas finery):

and, drumroll please, after:

thar she blows in her natural habitat, the back-lit living room:


i also recently made a pair of pillows out of the same upholstery fabric as the chair. by hand, recall. good times. and i caved and let c-fan bring his beloved ginormous leather chair out of storage. and know what? i don't hate it. looks kinda nice with the pillow and throw even. i do, however, want to move the little chest between the chairs (which i love) to another room and replace it with something less brown, to make the arrangement a bit arier. more airy. you know. less brown. and probably hang something reflective and starbursty above the man chair.

what say you about my upholstery skillz? think they'll get more mileage than my knowledge of french pronouns and paleoindian projectile points? god love a liberal arts education.


Unknown said...

flippin impressive ma cherie.

even the francais skills.

i feel like airy is such a buzzword these days...but sometimes hard to avoid.

well done

stephanie said...

perfect! A+! plus extra credit for tossing a little french around, and for your excellent posture and deportment.


Amy said...

Really nice! Love the trim.

Kate said...

Great job! It looks amazing! I love the nail head trim on the back.

lexie johnston said...

that chair is freakin awesome. please come help me make my house cute?

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