Thursday, May 13, 2010

hostess with the mostest

we are officially grown-ups. on sunday, team stone hosted both sets of parents for a mother's day lunch, then had the aunts/cousins/grandma on dad's side of the family over for the afternoon. i even have photographic proof of the grown-upness of it all. thanks to my dad. because i didn't take any pictures. because i'm not grown-up enough to host a gathering AND photograph it. yet.

i bought and arranged flowers from the fresh market. even created a table centerpiece out of small vases for all the lady guests to take home as a mother's day party favor. grown-up!

we used fine china, silver and crystal. and sat at the heads of the table. and remembered to light the candles. grown-up!

(please ignore the un-grown-up lack of decor above the makeshift buffet...i do have a plan)

we cooked food! and it was all ready at the same time! (but no pictures...too busy eating)

i put flowers in the hallway:

and on the coffee table (next to our fabulous wedding album, shout out to josh malahy):

and even in the bathroom:


the leftover table arrangements have been beautifying our lives all week in various spots about the house:

we even hung and hastily styled the plate rack:

and i finished sewing a pair of throw pillows for the living room couch. by hand. because the fringe was too thick for my sewing machine. ugh.

here is one with some fabric i found at calico corners to reupholster a stool from my grandma's old house:

on the flip side to all the grown-uppery, this evening we'll begin a long weekend of revelry with our team at the memphis in may world championship bbq contest:

where in years past we have done this:
and this:

and this:

aaaand this:

and where i will be the only vegetarian. with a purse full of luna bars for sustenance. good times!


Hilary Dow Ward said...

thunders round of applause....I told Handsome to buck up and start clapping...!

I love the plate rack...worked out well, great investment.

Nishta said...

*very* impressive & nicely done! whenever we have people over and there are fresh flowers all over the house, I think--we should really just keep flowers in the house all of the time, it really does make me happy.

also, I'm impressed you stick it out at bbq fest despite the lack of eats for you. how does beer pair with luna bars?

Courtney Fullerton said...

Love your post! I always feel like such an imposter in the "grown up" role, but you played it beautifully. Very proud of Team Stone. How did the BBQ fest go? You do know that your darling husband PROMISED me to return to Montana and BBQ for Hillstock one day?

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