Tuesday, May 4, 2010

dining room chizzairs

so my dining room. it needs some chairs. actually, it needs a lot of things right now, arm chairs being just two of those things. but i'm trying to focus here, people.

we are lucky enough to have a great dining table and set of shield-back chairs that my in-laws previously had in their dining room. the table needs refinishing, but the side chairs are in pretty good shape and have already been recovered in my fabric of choice, thusly:

the problem is that only one of the arm chairs still exists. ergo, we need to procure host/hostess chairs for the heads of the table.

now. do you ever see a trend, like pointy-toed shoes or skinny jeans, and you're all "that is heinous. i'd never do that." and then like a month later you own a pair in every color? that happens to me. it also happens to me decor-wise. for example: mismatched chairs at the heads of the table. read about it on design blogs. gagged. hated it. swore never to do it. changed my mind a week later. decided to do it in my own dining room.

i'm nothing if not open-minded.

then the other day i was waxing poetic to my father about how fancy and on-trend i am in my interior design plans and he's all, "your mother and i have used different chairs at the head of our dining table since before you were born." right...totally forgot that. mkay, so apparently my awesome taste is genetic. noted.

here are some examples from my inspiration files:



and here are some examples of chair styles i think would be pretty neat in contrast to the shield-backs chez stone:

calico corners

lee industries (but 'cept not orange)


z gallerie

or even, for an unexpected casual twist:

crate & barrel

what do you think? anybody rocking the mismatched chairs?


Unknown said...

love the idea! can't wait to see what you decide upon...have you seen little green notebook's dining room? LOVE the chiang mai (sp?) loveseat-ish thing she has on one side... i am NOT opposed in the least.

Anne said...

I love mismatched chairs! I'm tempted to store a few of my matching dining chairs and replace them with different ones ... but even I can't see my husband understanding that move, even from the "there goes my crazy wife" perspective.

Hilary Dow Ward said...

hmmm...I have 2 of said chairs that live at my house...might they like to live at your house? They would naturally need recovering as I have done a number on them...but geez what in this world doesn't need recovering?!?!

lexie johnston said...

i love the mis-matched chair look and totally participate in the trend, though out of necessity (ie not enough matching chairs) and not because i am with-it and know what is cool.
also, i am headed to target today to get some white jeans, which i swore both after 8th grade and also about 3 months ago that i would never do. haha

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