Thursday, September 10, 2009

come in...again

remember that time i was going to post the rest of the door makeover tomorrow and then tomorrow i got some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning/swine flu? yeah...

so, after we hung the door, we had to make it close. and stay closed. captain fantastic broke out the chisel again to recess the hardware:

i'm sure he knows the technical name for the pieces of hardware, but he's not here right now. he's busy fetching soup and probiotics from whole foods for his ailing wife. aaawww.

contractor brad kindly informed us of the standard height off the floor at which trim carpenters mount the door-closing-hardware-thingies, and we discovered that the old door's lock set was all cattywhompus. since we'd already rolled up our sleeves and gotten in deep, no sense in halfassing now eh? so we filled in the old holes in the door frame with some super-strong epoxy-type stuff, and, after it dried, i sanded that sucker smooth. in pearls. and big girl shoes.

then, c-fan drilled new holes, using his hand to steady the drill. while i planned the quickest route to the emergency room for finger reattachment surgery.

which produced this result:

which was subsequently painted and adorned with more...hardware. you know the type. the door-closing type.

then.....we took the door down. again.

and secured a quilt to the doorway so that the neighbs couldn't see in our house during the multiple days of sanding and painting and drying that we were anticipating.

meanwhile, the door got a sensible coat of primer. white on the inside and edges, gray on the front. thanks, home depot guy, for advising us, in your infinite wisdom, to use the gray primer. that was an excellent idea. it made the red dark and rich with fewer coats.

notice the patio table has been replaced by actual sawhorses. movin' up, kids! as the primer coat was significantly damaged by suicidal gnats and acorn-grenade-launching squirrels, we then moved the operation into the guyrage.

captain fantastic rocked the roller for the large expanses, whilst i took care of the deets. this is always a good idea. some of us are more observant than others. though the others may call the some "perfectionist" and "obsessive compulsive." sticks and stones, friends.

slap on that hardware, hang that puppy one.more.time and, drumroll please.....voila!

fabulous! and yet...incomplete. behold the rusty, spotty, ugly brass address numbers and mailbox. and the equally rusty, spotty, ugly AND broken porch lights. the brokenness was the result of a light bulb change incident in which the more delicate stone was attacked by a wasp and may or may not have cast things about in fear and cried on the floor for 20 minutes. i digress.

look that that big marley dog. so handsome. manning his post.

captain fantastic mounted a dining chair and removed the offending fixtures, which was infinitely less complicated than expected:

while i removed the offending mailbox and numbers.

what's the cardboard box fer? why, to hold the screws while i spray painted the brass with black hammer-finish paint to match the new light fixtures of course!

aaaaaaaaaand here we are again with an after shot:

except for the awning. the awning has to go. i despise the awning. but no more broken door and no more brass, woohoo! lookin' good. now our front door is less "ew" and more "aaah."

meanwhile, behind the door.....

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