Thursday, September 3, 2009

big day!

happy birthday to...ME! the big 2-7, which i feel is a legit adult age. i bet you thought i would be turning 14, or some such age more in line with my girlish looks. two years ago, i worked at a school, and a parent mistook me for a 6th-grader. seriously. i'll probably get carded until i'm 65. eh. moving on, some interesting facts related to my birthday:

1) there are like a bisquillion people whose birthday is today, or tomorrow, or yesterday, or sometime this week. guess what our parents were doing during the christmas/new year's holiday season, hmmmmm??? now that i'm married, i can talk about these things.

2) when i was a child, i was really relieved that i had been born near labor day (woohoo 3 day weekend!) but not on labor day. this was because i reckoned that childbirth labor was more difficult on that day, and i would have felt bad for doing that to my mom. freak. (fyi, i think my mom was in labor for something ridiculous like 36 hours before my lazy a$$ required a c-section didn't quite dodge that bullet. sorry. i'm worth it?)

3) for the following one month and one day, i will officially be A COUGAR. rawr.

so, in my honor, please eat something chocolate tonight and not feel bad about it.


maribeth said...

happy birthday!! and, the cougar comment almost made me spit food out.

Anonymous said...

You are more than worth two days of labor! Just remember that when it's your turn.

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