Thursday, September 24, 2009

friday eve

is it just me, or has this week taken a gajillion years? i can't believe it's just now almost friday. perhaps it's the RAIN. it needs to stop raining, like, yesterday. or the day before that. or last week. i'm so over it. also over any desire i may have once had to live in seattle.

so it's finally almost the weekend, and i can get excited about my weekend plans. they include this: freaking accomplish something. last weekend we accomplished precisely nothing, and it was lame. i think we accomplished nothing...but i can't even remember what we didn't accomplish. this week has taken so long that i've lost all memory of the last time it was weekend. SAD.

captain fantastic certainly has grand plans for the next few days. he works in real estate. i always feel like that's a sketchy job description, but it's the best way to tell someone what he does without launching into a complicated diatribe. the pertinent piece of his real estate puzzle for this post is that he owns rental properties. this is fun for me, because i never feel bad about shopping. i come home and am all "hey babe, i ordered a sweater from j.crew was on sale..." but he's all "hey babe, i bought A HOUSE." whammy.

so the most recent property he (rather, WE) bought is in need of some repairs - repainting, refinishing cabinets, retiling bathrooms - and the captain has decided that it will be more cost effective and, dare he say, fun to tackle these projects ourselves. in addition to being a money-saver, this reno will be like a less-high-end practice run for what we need to do in the house in which we actually live. we'll get to see just how long it takes to refinish kitchen cabinets and just how big of a pain in the behind it is to tile a shower before we have to live it day-in and day-out. theoretically. so look forward to hearing about that fiasco in the future.

also, i'll be thrifting with my sister-in-law this weekend, and i hope to have fun finds to share. but right now...i'm spent. so that's all she wrote.

and i wish my front porch looked like this:

one kings lane

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Unknown said...

hear, hear (or here here?) this has been the LONGEST WEEK IN THE UNIVERSE. What the heck. Wednesday i thought it was Thursday and so on... blech.

And yes, I like that porch but I don't know if you'd really really want those canvas curtain thingys in "real" life, do you?

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