Monday, September 21, 2009


if you know me in real life, you will not be at all surprised to hear that i am currently in crisis. identity crisis. this is a frequent affliction. perhaps i should replace "currently" with "perpetually."

the current crisis is timely, as two of my favorite bloggers (well, you know, actual interior designers who also blog) have mentioned the same crisis in the past week. lauren at pure style home is torn between minimal and curiosity shop style and joni at cote de texas wrote an article in antique shops & designers debating whether to clutter or not to clutter. all i have to say is "i hear you, girlfriends." well, that's not all i have to say. i'm far too verbose. here is all i have to say:

i cannot decide. where do i want to live?

in a belgian-swedish-french-country-rustic-minimalist home full of light linen and louis furniture and distressed old wood?

via cote de texas (1,2,4), delight by design (3) and the newlywed diaries (5)

or in a place spashed with geometric prints, punches of color and more modern pieces?

via cote de texas, design*sponge, caitlin creer interiors, phoebe howard, decorpad, windsor smith

i'll take option c) both. possible? i sure hope so.

another crisis: i am so obsessed with finding old junk (or as i like to imagine, diamonds in the rough) and fixing the stuff up into fabulous, one-of-a-kind treasures that i can't get myself to buy anything from an actual store. which is why my living room redecoration project is currently at a stalemate. only so many hours in the weekend to refurb old furniture, and a lot of those hours are consumed with naps that need taking, beer than needs drinking and parties that need attending...

anybody share my sentiments on style-schizo or diy-addiction? know a good 12-step program? got any xanax?

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Unknown said...

I feel you on everything - my style is a mix of country farmhouse, retro funky, and anything IKEA. It doesn't really seem like this would all go together but what I've found is that if I just pick things I like and don't go too "loud" in any direction, it looks really good together because its "me." Now, I did get a giraffe antique chair that somehow embodies this style - it is antique but has a crazy funky pattern. It is my focal piece in the living room. Maybe you can find something similar?

I'm battling with bedroom furniture currently. I don't want to buy new - the treasure hunter in me won't allow it. I've been scoping thrift stores, antique malls, and craigs list. Good luck on your living room hunt!

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