Tuesday, July 27, 2010

design crush: mix art + interiors

i can't keep not blogging because i am busy working on this bathroom and wanting it to be all complete and perfect before sharing. so i will share some other people's projects that ARE complete and perfect. how 'bout?

today, i discovered mix art + interiors in saint simons island, georgia, via one of my faves, high heeled foot in the door. they are: "a collaboration of two designers eager to bring a fresh perspective on design to the southeast. we believe that every interior should incorporate a good mix of color, light, pattern, and styles. mix is a full service interior design firm and gallery founded by Adrian Pressley Johnson and Bethany Cassell." and also fabulous.

i love mix interiors precisely for their namesake quality - the mix. that is totally my jam. mixing things.

for example...

a dining room with light walls, a dark rug, manly shelves of books & duck decoys and girly scalloped slips on the chairs:

another dining room with a mix of more masculine dark wood and straight lines with soft colors and feminine touches:

plaids + florals, wood + white, fringe + tufting:

dark + light. traditional furnishings + imperial trellis fabric du jour:

i mean, are we all just dying over the architectural details in these spaces? another amazing ceiling, accented by a great chandelier:

herringbone. brick. floors.

hoping to build a wine rack similar to this for above the fridge when we spruce up our kitchen. notsomuch for it's wine-holding capabilities as its aesthetic pleasingness (as we all know how long wine lasts around here...):

love this kitchen banquette too, with its frilly pillows + industrial pendant:

they're also all about the mix of patterns, like in this den:

i am loving the pillows, the striped walls, and the mini shelves that look almost like sconces (but without the wiring issues i bemoan - sold!):

this room feels so accessible to me, like my future kids are hanging out playing games on the ottoman and watching cartoons, and i come over from the kitchen that i'm imagining to open up behind that couch there to bring them some snacks (captain fantastic. please note.):

i love a lamp in the bathroom. it adds such a great and unexpected coziness to the space. perfect for a powder room, where you don't want harsh lighting to break the spell of the dining table's candlelit ambiance for your dinner guests:

and of course, the way to my heart = starburst mirror. i could put one in every room:

all images via mix art + interiors

i'm looking forward to what camilla has to say in her upcoming piece about mixing styles. i have a feeling it'll be right up my alley. you?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

unrelated yet awesome

y'all. i am having a moment that only other bloggers will truly understand.


is me in college (back before my hair inexplicably most of its shirley temple curl but after i gained the freshman 15 plus 5) with my friends aggie and masey.


is team stone at aggie's wedding in sewanee this past memorial day weekend.

want to see more pictures that our beloved josh malahy took of their adorable, rustic wedding? just head on over to STYLE ME PRETTY where the wedding was FEATURED YESTERDAY.

SO COOL, right?!?! aggie's like, haha some blog posted pictures of our wedding, and i'm like HOLY GEEZ, I'M HAVING CONVULSIONS FROM AWESOME. high fives to josh and aggie & andrew!

(two above wedding pics by j. malahy, of course. who also takes pictures of kids now, b-t-dub.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

good news

tonight, i should be able to shower INSIDE my house again.

(not pictured: the hose, which we drape over a nail at the top of this fence in a secluded corner of our back yard when we need to take a shower. i wish i were kidding.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

potty party


is captain fantastic's hunting & fishing buddy, contractor brad. he is a real, honest-to-goodness contractor who builds awesome things and works on fabulous houses.

do you know where contractor brad is?

in my bathroom. my former bathroom. my current ripped-to-the-studs-floorless-pottyless-sinkless-showerless-mid-remodel bathroom. my future beautiful, clean, awesome and period-appropriate bathroom.


this was the bathroom on monday night, mere hours before the demolition began:

what? unimpressed? wondering why i was so horrified and embarrassed and disgusted?

let's take a closer look.






(that was the sound they make in horror movies, fyi) the dirty deets of the bathroom are chronicled in this previous post. be sure not to try to eat your lunch or something while you read. barf.

removal of the worthless shelf that was too short to store anything and was ruined by c-fan's frattastic buddy in an incident involving the final four and some candle smoke (see evidence above...i have learned my lesson about candles on shelves. and allowing that guy into my house.) once again revealed the previous owners' awesome color scheme:

contractor brad says the tiles were painted with regular wall paint. regular wall paint! what an awesome idea. except not.

i was a smidge disappointed that we couldn't salvage the original floors under the laminate, which were a great basketweave tile, but they were beyond repair.

in fact, the whole floor had to go:

and also everything else.

so the plan is this: white hex tile floors with gray grout (nixed the marble because we plan to move in a few years). white subway tile shower surround, reaching to the ceiling (gray or white grout?). white beadboard wainscot along the rest of the walls (did you know wainscot and wainscoting are interchangeable? i just looked it up. because i like to be right. beadboard won out over tile for the same reasons marble floor tiles were 86ed). soft bluish/greenish-gray on walls (will test swatches after construction is complete). keep paisley shower curtain, potty and sink. reglaze or replace tub (depending on contractor brad's tub consultant friend's final opinion). roman shade with ribbon trim for window. new mirror and sconce. DELIGHT.

i'd better have a reveal for you next week. or it's contractor brad's a$$.

(not really. it'll be subcontractor c-fan's.)
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