Thursday, July 22, 2010

unrelated yet awesome

y'all. i am having a moment that only other bloggers will truly understand.


is me in college (back before my hair inexplicably most of its shirley temple curl but after i gained the freshman 15 plus 5) with my friends aggie and masey.


is team stone at aggie's wedding in sewanee this past memorial day weekend.

want to see more pictures that our beloved josh malahy took of their adorable, rustic wedding? just head on over to STYLE ME PRETTY where the wedding was FEATURED YESTERDAY.

SO COOL, right?!?! aggie's like, haha some blog posted pictures of our wedding, and i'm like HOLY GEEZ, I'M HAVING CONVULSIONS FROM AWESOME. high fives to josh and aggie & andrew!

(two above wedding pics by j. malahy, of course. who also takes pictures of kids now, b-t-dub.)


Aggie said...

Talk about freshman 15, and an eyebrow ring...hehe. Glad y'all were there :)

stephanie said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! every yummy detail! best wishes to your lovely friends, and 15 + 5 or no, you were still beautiful back then! xox

Blue Jean Gourmet said...

what a beautiful wedding!

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