Thursday, July 8, 2010

potty party


is captain fantastic's hunting & fishing buddy, contractor brad. he is a real, honest-to-goodness contractor who builds awesome things and works on fabulous houses.

do you know where contractor brad is?

in my bathroom. my former bathroom. my current ripped-to-the-studs-floorless-pottyless-sinkless-showerless-mid-remodel bathroom. my future beautiful, clean, awesome and period-appropriate bathroom.


this was the bathroom on monday night, mere hours before the demolition began:

what? unimpressed? wondering why i was so horrified and embarrassed and disgusted?

let's take a closer look.






(that was the sound they make in horror movies, fyi) the dirty deets of the bathroom are chronicled in this previous post. be sure not to try to eat your lunch or something while you read. barf.

removal of the worthless shelf that was too short to store anything and was ruined by c-fan's frattastic buddy in an incident involving the final four and some candle smoke (see evidence above...i have learned my lesson about candles on shelves. and allowing that guy into my house.) once again revealed the previous owners' awesome color scheme:

contractor brad says the tiles were painted with regular wall paint. regular wall paint! what an awesome idea. except not.

i was a smidge disappointed that we couldn't salvage the original floors under the laminate, which were a great basketweave tile, but they were beyond repair.

in fact, the whole floor had to go:

and also everything else.

so the plan is this: white hex tile floors with gray grout (nixed the marble because we plan to move in a few years). white subway tile shower surround, reaching to the ceiling (gray or white grout?). white beadboard wainscot along the rest of the walls (did you know wainscot and wainscoting are interchangeable? i just looked it up. because i like to be right. beadboard won out over tile for the same reasons marble floor tiles were 86ed). soft bluish/greenish-gray on walls (will test swatches after construction is complete). keep paisley shower curtain, potty and sink. reglaze or replace tub (depending on contractor brad's tub consultant friend's final opinion). roman shade with ribbon trim for window. new mirror and sconce. DELIGHT.

i'd better have a reveal for you next week. or it's contractor brad's a$$.

(not really. it'll be subcontractor c-fan's.)


maribeth said... i am so jealous-not of your previous digs or your current potty (it isn't that 20 gallon paint bucket, is it??), but of your future subway-tiled, wainscotted amazingness! it is going to be so pretty, you may not any stinky boys in it ever. c-fan might want to hold on to that paint bucket!

and, where is your shower curtain from? it is adorable!

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

I think your new bathroom will need a party!

lauren @ gathering moss said...

maribeth - i got the shower curtain like 4 years ago at the pottery barn i doubt it's available anymore, sorry!

potty partay! that is actually what i call it when i haven't fully latched the door and both giant mutthounds bust in on me in the bathroom ;)

Anonymous said...

SO excited for you that your remodel has begun!! Bummer that you couldn't save those original tiles. We used white grout with our white subway tiles and I LOVE the clean look of it. I have never seen the grey grout with the white tiles but in my mind I am picturing it just looking dirty all the time. Have you seen it done before? You have great taste so I know you'll end up with a fantastic bathroom we'll all be jealous of.

Can't wait to see bathroom updates and the reveal!!

Courtney Fullerton said...

Thrilled for y'all! Also, we have identical shower contents ... Dr. Bronner's, Burt's, Pantene ...

stephanie said...

yayayayayayay! so very excited for you! can't wait to see the rest. it will be fabulous, regardless of final grout decision. thrillifying. xox

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

P.S. you have A LOT of bath products! I'm impressed with how many you got in the shower!

lexie johnston said...


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