Tuesday, May 18, 2010

today: sconces

because why not?

my least favorite thing about sconces is how they have to be installed in the wall with electricity, and that requires an electrician, which requires time and money and planning ahead, and what if you change your mind or need to move them? complicated. my favorite thing about sconces is how they look awesome.

they can go so many places. sconces look great flanking a mirror over a console in the entryway, a painting over a buffet in the dining room, a mirror in the powder room, a doorway, windows, a bed, probably some other stuff.

i don't think i'll bother installing sconces in our current house (other than the pair with candles in my dining room, because guess what, no electricity), but for our someday house, these would do in various applications:

for a living room:

for a little girl's bathroom:
for a dramatic hallway:
all via lighting showplace
for a guest bathroom:
for a dining or living room:
for a kitchen or family room:
for a study (grasscloth included, please):

all via shades of light

for a hallway, dining room or powder room:

for an entryway:

for a bedroom:

all via circa lighting
for a master bathroom:

via restoration hardware

any other ideas of other sconceable places in the home? great sources for these lovely little lights? love or hate any of my picks?


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

OH man, this was my ridiculous worry for months...MONTHS...and then I actually found 4 sconces for the living room and 2 for the master bath I liked, and could afford to buy 4 of. Then came the saving to have them installed in our 1 ft or more plaster walls and the master bath through the walls and then glass. Grrrr. Let me say though, it was the most frustrating, yet rewarding, and worth while installation we've done. I am so happy with them.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Great sconce choices. Thank you for stopping by RHS. I'm so glad to find your blog and I'll be back very soon. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

where are you?

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