Tuesday, June 8, 2010

still kickin'

i'm alive! no worries. please excuse my extended absence. blame summer. or me. whatev.

there has been much bbq-festing:

MUCH bbq-festing...

(homemade ice luge...does that count as a blog-worthy project?)

wedding attending (x3):

...where approximately zero decent pictures were taken at any nuptials by yours truly. obviously.


(my alma mater in sewanee, tennessee, for one of the aforementioned weddings)

backyard hot wing cook-off blind taste-testing:

garden building:

and other such summertime tomfoolery.

progress has been made on home projects, but nothing to a blog-reveal-worthy point. so many ideas! so little time! also so many excuses. full to the brim of them. there's the ole 9 to 5, the husband & dog trio whose housekeeping skills are a combo of toddler/teenage boy/bull-in-china-shop, the fact that grandma here needs like 10 hours of sleep to function, operation run for exercise in full effect after work, eleventy-thousand other blogs to read, dinners to cook, friends to see, etcetera and so forth woe is me.

and do you want to know a secret? do you?

sometimes, when i'm not doing any of those things listed above, i'm also not doing a project...because you know what i'm doing? nothing! and it is glorious.

be back soon(ish) with the goshforsaken upholstered chair reveal (friggin finally!), completed garden built by my handy hubby and window treatments for the dining room. woohoo!


Liz said...

I know of a project you have :)

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Homemade ice luge?!

Jennifer said...

Ooh. I have that exact picture of me doing an ice luge last year. Thank goodness for BBQ fest. Good times.

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