Friday, April 30, 2010

design crush: elizabeth dinkel

y'all. seriously.

when i look through the portfolio of a talented interior designer, the feelings i experience can only be equated to a teenage girl at a beatles concert in the 1960s. or a teenage girl at a twilight movie in 2009. or a teenage boy seeing a victoria's secret catalog for the first time.

like, i might hyperventilate.

today i came across a new-to-me designer portfolio that had me drooling on my keyboard. elizabeth dinkel design associates, inc.

this was the first image i saw:

speaks to my southern mentality - this reminds me of a lot of well-decorated homes in my neck of the woods. those walls are fabulous. and those chairs...THIS is EXACTLY why we're holding on to those old chairs of my parents that you insist are taking up too much room in your precious guyrage, captain fantastic. because some day when our living room is larger than a postage stamp, i will recover them to be awesome like this. I WIN.

consolation prize for c-fan:

she'd like your beloved ram too. she'd even approve of it in our blue and green living room, apparently. score one for you, babe.

this room also jives with our current color scheme:

except with way awesomer ceilings and a nice neutral sofa and no dog hair.

here is another fab living space:

the desk chair! the shiny velvety striped poufs! the pendant lamp! i can't even think of anything clever to say! only to use exclamation marks!

i would love to have a black and white checkerboard floor in our someday house:

the black lacquer door, pendant and hand-painted green wallpaper can come too.

this couch speaks to me:

it says, "reupholster something to look like me." well, if you insist.

check out this fabulous window seat:

the pelmet box. i die.

and you KNOW i'm all up on this paisley powder room:

love the mirror too. filing this in my hopefully-soon bathroom makeover file, as my shower curtain (which i adore and intend to keep) is very similar to these walls.

what gives c-fan a nervous tick even faster than the chairs filling up his precious guyrage space? BABIES. so let's look at some of elizabeth dinkel's gorgeous kids' rooms, k?

youthful-yet-sophisticated for a wee lad (look babe, what if we have twins!):

i love a daybed for a little girl:

just try not to have a seizure over the fabulous detailing on the curtains in this room. JUST. TRY.

super love these beds too:

i mean seriously. have you not passed out yet? elizabeth dinkel, i heart you.

time for a cold shower.


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

As you said...I too, have no words. So I'm going to borrow some from Rachel Zoe.
"I die...literally, I die" or the ever classic, "BAH-Nanas"
The checker board floor and the super shiny front door remind me of the ever talented Mrs. Jones, don't you think?!?
C-Fan and my Brown Moose would be friends in the overly stocked chair department and super friends in the awkward baby department. We don't even really say "that word" at our house! HA! But I do love to think about what my child's room would look like. Although I'm just selfish enough that I'm more worried about my own. I probably should get over that first, dontcha think?
Great post.

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

PS...wallpaper cole ans sons Rajapur in the contemporary 1 collection

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