Friday, February 19, 2010

wherein i realize my husband is ahead of the times

captain fantastic's favorite piece of decor since 2006:

jonathan adler's new children's line, debuted 2010:

perhaps we should reevaluate the delegation of interior design duties chez stone?

or perhaps not.


maribeth said...


or maybe he should be in charge of decorating a nursery one day.

Get Your Martha On said...

You weren't kidding about the Winnebago.

He just looks so proud, though. Like he hunted down and killed that Winnebago himself.

Meg said...


So on a similar note, my husband thinks he is incredibly talented at interior design. He has a beautiful corvette poster that he wants to display and a Mellow Mushroom wood cutout and a scrap metal prairie dog holding a gun. But here's the kicker.

He also has a velvet pirate ship painting that he has fought to put over the mantel. I told him it would never be in style. Ever. And not too long ago, Life in the Fun Lane and Painting the Roses White both hung very similar paintings in their home. He can never ever learn of this.

P.S. - I love that pillow!

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