Monday, April 19, 2010


has been made. in my living room.

old drapes:

new drapes:
old curtain rod:

new curtain rod:

it's amazing what a difference it makes to mount the drapes all the way at the crown molding with a nice rod. i feel like i live at freaking versailles now, what with the majestic flowing draperies and heightened ceilings and all. but minus the hall of mirrors and pretend farm village. next step is to procure a longer bamboo shade and mount it up there too, to further perpetuate the high ceilin' feelin'.


upholstery project. sneak peek. i've got the "ta" but not the "da." ran out of nailheads when i was almost finished and it took a minute before i could make it to the sto' for mo'.

the chair before, recall:

aaaaand almost-after:

contrary to what you may be thinking, no i was not swilling patron whilst applying the nailheads. #1 the back of the chair is supposed to curve like that in the first picture and #2 even with the assistance of a handy guide, it is nigh impossible to make them straight. or maybe i need more practice. whatev. first project, don't hate.

i also got some fabric to make pillows for the couch. it's the same fabric i waxed poetic about before, but in a different colorway.

i also plan to make pillows and upholster a stool in another fabric. considering:



Get Your Martha On said...

Love the new curtains. How do the wood rings attach to the curtain panels, if you don't mind my asking?

Kathryn said...

I love the pattern of the new curtains!! It screams "you."

Also - where do you get your fabric???

Emily said...

Oh, I cannot wait to see the finished chair! It's going to look AMAZING!

christi said...

stunning love the new curtains!

oh2bnMT said...

I am MOST impressed by your reupholstering skills! Good work!

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