Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i got an inquiry via comment from sweet kathryn as to where i find fabric. short answer: everywhere. i have a hoard of fabric chez stone that includes not only yardage cut from fabric stores, but also place mats, towels, blankets, sheets and even ill-fitting or torn clothing with great prints that send my mind spinning with possible future uses (recall the falltastic pillows made from napkins?) i always keep my eye open to the possibility of finding great fabric in unusual places.

as far as fabric stores, i know there will always be quality fabrics at calico corners, broomcorn (local) and johnson's fabrics (local). johnson's is my current fave - they are a big warehouse with a nice variety at many price points, an outdoor fabric section, tons of trim and lots of intense upholstery supplies at great prices. you can also get furniture legs, bare ottoman forms, plywood tables for skirting and the like there. i also usually go to joann and hancock; though the quality of their decor fabrics are generally lower, i have found plenty of great stuff. they also have upholstery supplies, but generally the quality and price are much better at johnson's.

bedford gingham, calico corners

bocce, calico corners

tommy bahama sea breeze, joann

fabric on my chairs from joann

there are also great online sources for fabric. i hesitate to order anything online without having seen it in person, or at least having the recommendation of someone who has seen it in person. it's hard to tell the exact color and texture of a fabric online, and it's generally not returnable, so you don't want to order a lot of yardage of something only to not like it once it arrives. it's also hard to tell scale online - even though most vendors list it, it's difficult to envision a 1 inch square of pattern on your screen blown up into a life-size piece of fabric. i do like to comparison-shop online. many times i've been able to find a nice fabric i liked at calico corners or broomcorn for a lower price online, and i know that it'll work because i've seen it in person. is a good source, as is lewis & sharon textiles. i often google the name of a fabric i like and see where else it pops up for a good price.

sheshimmers latte by robert allen,




i've been in a neutral mood lately. can you tell?

i've also ordered fabric from online decor stores. the linen for my living room pillows came from ballard designs. i knew i would like it because a) i'd seen it in person in another fabric store and b) ballard carries pretty quality stuff. you can also order fabric by the yard from places like pottery barn and williams sonoma home (if you're feeling spendy).

fabric for my pillows from ballard designs

tile print, pottery barn

creme mini grid, wshome

of course there are higher-end designer fabrics like schumacher that are only available to the trade, if you're wanting to make more of an investment. you can get it through a local designer, and a lot of your friendly neighborhood interior design bloggers will order it for you if you ask. i'm pretty sure high heeled foot in the door, little green notebook, caitlin creer interiors and high gloss blue have all mentioned taking fabric orders. i also subscribe to the designer's attic, where shannon of pink wallpaper sells small increments of yardage (usually 1-4 yards) leftover from her projects for insane prices. these also happen to be some of my very favorite daily reads - these ladies know what the heck they're talking about. do visit if you haven't already.

schumacher crosstown

schumacher's ubiquitous chiang mai dragon

the equally ubiquitous kwid imperial trellis

i obviously spend a lot of time looking at fabric. it may be a sickness. but it hurts so good...

any other favorite fabric haunts to share?


maribeth said...

oh, mama, that's a lot of information. the ballard's fabric is bea-u-ti-ful, but a little rich for me and my sticky fingers household. my favorite place for fabric is etsy!! i have your sickness, too, but it is a different strain-my fabric obsession is quilting and heirloom fabrics for clothing and some decor. i know there are some home decor fabrics on etsy, but i think most of them are quilt fabric designers who offer a home decor line as well. but, you should check it out!

VVTC said...

you're hired for serious once i acquire "real estate." it may be a while.

have you thought about making dog crate covers to sell? cuz i'd buy one. a dog crate is about the only house i'll own for a while.

tricia said...

SO I am about to embark on a big project. (Big, for me.) I am re-doing our 1/2 bath into a Bama bathroom. (No comments.) I'm thinking crimson walls, houndstooth valence, Alabama accessories. What kind of towels & rug (small, in front of the toilet)?? Where should I go to get my houndstooth material for the valence? I'm hoping it can just be my May project. Next, my aunt is going to help me re-cover our dining room chairs. She said an ultra-suade would work well. Crimson, of course. Then she's going to make a thin pillow back to cover the caning, which I don't like, but cannot be taken out. Thoughts, Oh-Decorator-Wise-One???

tricia said...

P.S. Cute dog crate covers would be AWESOME - preferably dark to help them sleep at night. You could even do doggie crate/bed/sofa pillows. Seriously.

loft32 said...

The Imperial Trellis is very addictive! In fact, my goal was to find a very similar pattern at a much lower cost and I found some amazing fabric almost identical pattern for less than $50/yard! I might end up selling some of it soon, so check my blog occasionally.

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