Thursday, April 1, 2010

operation: guest post

guest post. blue jean gourmet. go.

if you're visiting from bjg, welcome! have a seat, stay awhile. visit the sidebar for a taste of what we're all about chez stone. thanks again for asking me to contribute, bjg!

for your viewing pleasure, here's a shot of me and the blue jean gourmet at a recent dinner gathering of high school classmates. sorry i'm cutting you off a bit, nishta. i can't help it that i'm SO INCREDIBLY TALL.

sorority squat picture courtesy of courtney's facebook page, which i broke lent to log onto and snag this morning


Anonymous said...

Oh sorority squatting! Which sorority are you a part of?

mary-kathryn said...

Lauren, thanks for visiting my blog! i totally remember you coming to the house for the SMS party- fun to find fellow bloggers! can't wait to check yours out!

Meg said...

First the technologically impressive photos on the side and now a guest post? You are, like, too legit to quit girlfriend!

I'm hopping on over there now!

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