Tuesday, April 20, 2010

who knew, y'all?

not i.

paula deen has a line of home furnishings. all southern and countrified. like the food. but less calories. i made this discovery just this afternoon when i saw this rug at shades of light and started thinking it may need to come live in my still-to-be-striped cream hallway:

tis indoor/outdoor. paula invented it that way for to use in the kitchen. would also work in any room terrorized by giant mutthounds. like, for example, my entire household. cute, eh? i don't know what it looks like for realz, but the zoom view and "hooked stitch" description on the website lead me to believe it has a desirable texture. has anyone seen it in person?

p.s. i think paula would approve of my new window treatments, no?


Get Your Martha On said...

You are doing important investigative journalism here, Lauren. I had no idea. I just did a search for "paula deen" at Shades of Light and came up with a bunch of lovely-looking rugs. Paula, Paula ... there is more to you than enhanced contact lenses.

(I mean, really, her eyes aren't that blue for reals, right?)

Anonymous said...

Love that rug! I had no idea Paula had ventured out of the kitchen.

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

I love to watch Paula's show because her stuff is so pretty (including her sons). Good lord, the woman can barely walk due to all the diamonds she wears. Where are her products sold?

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