Monday, March 1, 2010

operation festive living room: go

hilary has inspired me. to punch up my living room. so here is the plan...

make drapes out of this festive linen:

it speaks to me. loudly. so there's the distinct possibility it'll become an upholstered stool or throw pillow too. there will be pom-pom trim involved. on the drapes. in yellow? undecided.

speaking of throw pillows, i'd like to make a borderline ridiculous amount of them for the couch and chairs. contenders include:

depending on how the colors look in real life (i have only viewed these on the interwebs).

this fabric is also in the room, recall. on the chairs i redid a while back:

here is the couch. featuring our dogs, as usual. and jacob's dog. and the shams from the guest room that we use when we watch teeeeeevee (i've been told i say it like that, and that it's weird):

see the side tables that i got a while ago? still haven't redone them. surprise, SURfrigginprise. i know. anyway they are either going to be painted creamy and distressed like the aforementioned chairs, or they are going to be stained/painted rill dark. either way, imma outfit them with something like this:

but in gold or bronze. or maybe even, if i'm feeling REALLY festive, this:

because he looks like marley bear. see the resemblance?

he is part lion, part grizzly bear. all awesome.

i digress. the couch. i'd like to reupholster it in a nice neutral, burlapy-woven fabric that i found on saturday. the clincher: it's OUTDOOR fabric, so it's durable. but it looks faintcy. booya.

but first, i must complete the chairs. at present, chair numba one looks like this:

because i'm a slacker slash busy person. eventually, it will resemble this in color and nailhead detail:

also on the docket - a pleated slipcover for the hand-me-down coffee table, like this one from much to do with nothing:

i am pumped. you?


Meg said...

So pumped! I can't believe you can reupholster chairs yourself. Crazy! Me equals way jealous. I love Marley too. I bet he's the best.

Can't wait to see progress pictures of Operation Festive Living Room!

Emily said...

I cannot wait to see the chair all done! It's going to be stunning.

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