Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a quick fix & miscellany

guess who has two thumbs and is back on the blog train? this guy. this gal. you know.

and i'm back with a bang! ok, not really. i'm back with a really quick and easy project that i did like 6 months ago and just thought to share. but you know, still awesome.

if you live with another person, be they spouse, sibling or roommate, you likely frequently grapple with The Great Dishwasher Mystery: is it clean or is it dirty? nothing is more annoying than accidentally putting a dirty dish in a clean dishwasher or pulling out a dirty utensil that you thought was clean. maybe in your house you always immediately put the clean dishes away after running the dishwasher. around here, we are lazy. so this is a real problem. i got irritated about it one day over the summer and decided to stop the insanity once an for all. enter an old save-the-date magnet that was still on our fridge and a few scraps of paper:

flip it to clean when you start the dishwasher, flip it back to dirty after unloading. easy peasey.

thus begins the miscellany.

you won't believe this, but i bought a piece of furniture this weekend. a finished piece of furniture. from a store. that doesn't need any sanding or painting or updating. bizarre, right? i saw it saturday and passed it up on account of the price tag and my penchant for redoing things, but i couldn't get it out of my head. i raced back to the shop yesterday after work to scoop it up. meet the new plate rack chez stone:

the carved detail at the top gives me heart palpitations. it's going on my dining room wall. immediately. because you know what? i'm not modifying it. at all. but if in the future i tire of the distressed look, i can easily give it a fresh coat of paint. this baby will also work in a kitchen, hallway, even a kid's room in a future house. and i'm pretty sure it will always give me heart palpitations. good investment.

another fabulous find this weekend was this pair of sconces:

they are metal with a mirrored back. the pieces at the bottom fold down to hold pillar candles. gorgeous. a gift from my sweet mama. thank you mama! they are also slated to hang in the dining room, where candlelit sconces will add great ambiance.

and finally, i was right. look how cute:

anna kohler's minneapolis apartment, featured in the early spring 2010 issue of renovation style. high five, anna kohler. high five.


Kristen said...

Hi Lauren! I live in Memphis and LOVE the plate rack. I've been looking for one for my daughter's room for two years! Do you mind sharing where it came from? Thanks!

Kristen Hill

Meg said...

Triple participant high five! And somebody call the doctor, because I just had a heart murmur. That plate rack is gorgeous!!

P.S. - I am so using your dirty/clean trick. Brilliant!

lauren @ gathering moss said...


stalked your blog. obsessed with your kids. want to put my plate rack in a future daughter's room someday too. so cute! i got it at market central, right by central bbq on...central ave. it was the only one they had, but they said the owner's 89 yr old father makes them as a hobby, so i bet you could order one!


the dirty/clean magnet will change your life. or at least make you less annoyed with your husband when it comes to the dishwasher.

stephanie said...

love it all! so glad you are back! i've missed your festive self. xox

Kristen said...

Thank you Lauren, for complimenting my children, and for the tip on the plate rack! :) LOVE your blog- keep up the great work!

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Hi Lauren- Love the photo from the reno mag. That desk chair is divine!

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