Thursday, October 29, 2009

an appology and a makeover

dear collierville, tennessee,

i'm sorry that i stereotyped you as the suburban land of tacky mcmansions, children with "y" in the place of "e/i" in their names and kate gosslein hair. please forgive me. i did not realize how quaint and adorable your town square is

or, more importantly, how RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME your sheffield antiques mall is

without you, i wouldn't have scored this pair of fabulously carved chairs for an absolute STEAL (those claw feet!! i die!!)

or this pair of side tables with excellent potential (how adorable are those corners and the tiny little feet?!)

all for, quite literally, less than i'd pay for a single chair (with far less character) at a retail store. these babies just need some new fabric and a little paint. i've already been to sheffield's twice this week, and i almost bought like 25 more things, no lie. obsessed. if you live around here, you need to go. immediately.

scratch that. don't go. leave everything for me.

so, collierville, i'm sorry. can we be friends?

xoxo la

p.s. you may have noticed something lurking behind the side table all majestic-like in the second to last picture up there. one of the items passed from parents to daughter in the Great Move of '09 (happening this week) was the baby grand baldwin piano on which i learned to play as a child. it arrived chez stone yesterday with great pomp and fanfare. because answer me this: who needs a dining room when you can have a Grand Piano Parlor?

certainly not us.

ok, i lied. we do. we're currently in the process of making our little den into the dining room and the guest room into the den/office. we really think it'll work out better this way. and before we move everything around, we're going to move everything out and pull up the carpet in the den/two bedrooms/hallway to refinish the hardwoods underneath. so good thing i don't mind living in chaos. NOOOOOOOOT. (flashback to 1992)

in closing, please note what i am using as an occasional table between the chairs:

my great-grandma's piano stool! i was thinking of painting it, but it already has such a great (and real) age to it. once i get a nice, neutral seagrass rug in there, i think the black will really pop.


me said...

whoa, don't be so hasty! while their square is quaint and the mall does have SOME incredible finds, don't let your great find leave you with rose colored glasses while shopping or your could end up toting home some of the i-think-i-am-crafty junk that fills the rest of the store. we are not fans of the burb either. in fact we could have written that list, with the addition of velour track suits and minivans. love the piano stool! is that another amazing hand-me-down from the rents?

tricia said...

lala, i cannot believe you were trash-talking cville. your favorite former co-worker lives in cville! although i've been to the square many times (love the shops & silver caboose), i've never been an antiquer. i love cville for many other reasons. :-P

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