Tuesday, October 13, 2009

e at the end, not in the middle

today is an important day. on this day, an unspecified but milestone-type number of years ago, my wonderful grama gave birth to my wonderful mama, rosanne. i titled this post in honor of an unspecified but milestone-type number of years-worth of spelling mistakes made by people trying to write my mother's name. please take note and spell accordingly in the future.

moving on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!! to the type of mom who still makes me want to call her mommy and curl up in her lap. who spent countless hours making elaborate halloween costumes and birthday cakes and doll houses from scratch. who shuttled carpools, attended recitals, hosted parties, french-braided hair, packed lunches and did laundry. who provided two kids with the best childhood two kids could have ever had. who taught those kids the value of family, the importance of kindness and the meaning of unconditional love. who continues to be my biggest supporter and my most constructive critic at once (and i admit, she's usually right). who is my favorite lady and bestest friend.

thank you for bringing me into this world and into such a wonderful and loving family

thank you for always being there for me, no matter what

oh yes i DID just post a picture of you in a bathing suit and no makeup! too bad, i think it's cute. and it proves the aforementioned point: you still love me, don't you? thought so.

thank you for falling in love with my daddy (and for putting up with him for 35 years and counting...)

thank you for teaching me that true beauty is more than skin deep (and for passing on plenty of the shallow kind too, pretty lady)

thank you for accepting the man i chose to marry, and loving him like your own (like, for example, hemming his pants in the middle of the night on our family beach vacation)

thank you for selflessly providing me with the best of everything - best education, best activities, best wedding - a girl could ever want or need

thank you for making it really hard to write a post about why i'm thankful for you, because you're so awesome that it can't even be expressed

most of all, thank you for your love. i know i can always count on you to be there for me, whether i'm celebrating the love of my life or just trying to stave off road rage on my commute. i want to be just like you when i grow up. I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!!!!

(crappy photos from my personal archives, save the last and only good one from jmalahy photography)
at times like this, i wish i had a scanner so i could share some old gems instead of just what facebook has to offer...


Anonymous said...

WOW! How beautiful. You made all of those things easy because you are the BEST daughter that any one could have. You always make me proud. I wish everyone could have the joy of having a precious little girl who grows into a best friend. You are beautiful and talented and good. Thank you!

tricia said...

OMG, I am tearing up & this has absolutely nothing to do w/ me! SOOOOOO sweet. I hope Rosanne (correct sp) saw this. Miss you, Lala!!!

Anonymous said...

this totally made me tear up. your mama IS awesome and raised a pretty fantastic daughter, ifimaysaysomyself.

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