Wednesday, October 7, 2009

scarves and stars

two things i am currently digging:

first, something decor-unrelated (as far as my house is concerned, at least). for the past several weeks, i have not left the house without my current fave accessory, the scarf, styled thusly:

via here

i have a variety of plain and patterned scarves like the above pictured that are light-weight enough to allow me to celebrate the beginnings of fall without suffocating in the bipolar-weather-disorder south. and i am ALL OVER IT. i've been sporting some of my larger, more festive earrings with the scarves, since they eliminate the age-old "i can't wear a necklace with these ginormous earrings, but my clavicle feels so naked" dilemma. or is that just a personal problem?

additionally, i'm superstoked to have discovered this light fixture today:

via shades of light

i have been obsessed with similar star lanterns for years, but most of the ones i've seen have been so...pendanty. you know? this one is so much more light-fixturey. which seems more functional. to me. for my space. personally. our future bestriped hallway can totally rock this beyotch, no?

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