Friday, October 16, 2009

for sale. you want?

eventually i'll post something decor/diy/project-related again...but not yet.

my parents are selling the house in which they've lived for almost 30 years. am i depressed? yes, yes i am. but let's not talk about that. let's drown our sorrows in material things, like, for example, all the FREE STUFF i'm getting as they downsize. woohoo!

and lo, you too can benefit from the move by coming to 69 st. albans fairway tomorrow morning (saturday 10/17) for their big blowout garage sale! woohoo again! they'll be selling several decades-worth of clothes, toys, holiday decorations, tools, baskets (like a gazillion), home decor, artwork, etc and so forth. everything must go, so ven comigo baby!

i don't have any pictures on this computer of the house or anything they're going to sell, but i do have a few pictures from INSIDE the house. like this one, in front of our living room mantel circa 1987, when my bangs were too short:

and this one, in front of our den mantel circa 2007, when my bangs were too long:

and this one, circa 2009 when i'd scrapped bangs altogether but still carried scars from the drunk-roommate-haircutting incident of sophomore year that is forever preserved in that heinous and cheestastic hand-holding sibling portrait on the wall:

if you look reeeeeeal hard in that last picture, you can see a basket of festive papier maché fruit resting atop the kitchen cabinet. you can't buy that, because it now lives with me, but you CAN buy some of it's antique kitchen appliance friends that were displayed atop the other cabinets, like two old steam irons, a big clay jar and a wire rug-beater. intrigued? come to my house. bring dollars. buy things.

tomorrow, then? excellent.

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me said...

i would so be there! but, we have an EARLY birthday party, josh has a meeting and an early wedding! oh so sad! you know i love other people's stuff. maybe we can make it to the other one. where/why are they moving??

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