Thursday, October 22, 2009

busy bee

where have i been? kind of you to be concerned. i'm running a big work event this weekend, so i've been spazzing over that all week. free time has been busied with things like going out to dinner in celebration of our four-monthiversary, figuring out where in the holy heck we're going to put the baby grand piano my parents are passing on to us, and painting. lots of painting. good painting. happy painting. furniture painting. wish-this-were-my-day-job painting. painting that is not nearly finished. why? because i am taking my boring old brown console table from something kinda like this:

to something inspired by this:
from wisteria

except grayish blue. with less drawers. and embellished with paint instead of inlaid mother of pearl.
but, you know, inspired. isn't it FABULOUS?!

i am DYING to share my progress, but i think i'll wait until i'm totally finished. which will hopefully be before my unborn children graduate from college.


Sarah said...

oooo, SO cool! i'll have to come back and check out your progress. i've been wanting to paint a coffee table and have this image saved as my inspiration:

best of luck to ya!

elowman said...

Ok, I'm a little scared, but anxious to see the end result!

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