Monday, October 5, 2009

a tribute

yesterday was captain fantastic's 27th birthday. thus ends my month-long reign as The Older Woman...until next september. however, i still hold the title of Wiser. also Less Messy. but this is a tribute, so i digress.

behold, a list and photo montage of ten random things that make my husband awesome:

1) his birthday marks the beginning of the Annual Seasonal Beard. he is pretty handsome with a beard.

2) he makes me delicious food all of the time AND does the dishes afterwards. (i can't believe this is the only photo i could find of him cooking...he cooks every night and at almost every social gathering, even if we're not at our house, like below)

3) i TOTALLY would have had a crush on him in middle school, which makes the past me really excited for the present me (note the multiple hemp necklaces in combination with the velcro watch band - swoon. and the baby. gotta love a guy who's not afraid to hold a baby.)

4) he can host a bbq and drink whiskey until 2am, then place 7th in a 5k at 8am the next morning, among other super-human physical feats.

5) he loves our big dogs and always talks to them in a ridiculous voice, which never fails to make me smile.

6) he worked on a trail crew in montana after college, which is H.O.T.T. (he's the one in the middle with the yellow hardhat and general badassness)

7) he makes me do fun stuff all the time, even when i'm lazy or grumpy, and forces me to enjoy myself because he's so durn silly and adorable and optimistic.

8) he thinks everything that happens is the MOST EXCITING THING EVER. and his enthusiasm is contagious.

9) he loves my family and is always willing to humor us. he also brought me into his wonderful family, and i couldn't be happier to be a part of it.

10) he loves me unconditionally, all the time, no matter what, and he tells me so every day. i'm the luckiest girl in the world! I LOVE YOU, MR. STONE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

all photos from facebook, save the good-looking ones with the jm in the corner - those are courtesy of our fabulous wedding photographer, josh malahy


me said...

i scored a cook, too! and let me tell you as incredibly wonderful as it is now, it will be even better in the future after a full day of taking care of your babies. i am totally impressed by #4. seriously, that is just unbelievable. he actually sounds a lot like josh sans the extreme interest in the outdoors! i do believe you are a lucky girl! happy birthday, captain!

Kathryn said...

Love the post - about #3: knew him when he was in middle school (I was upper elementary age) and he certainly was cool. Around the neighborhood, he was one of those "cool older kids" that everyone wanted to be around.

You did score a good one! We are lucky with our boys. Jake cooks and cleans as well. Their mommas trained them well:)

bluejeangourmet said...

okay, that middle school picture is totally adorable! you *would* have had a big crush on him.

hooray for two decent, kind, thoughtful human beings finding each other & joining lives! happy belated bday to cpt. fantastic.

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