Monday, October 12, 2009


t'was not to be. by the time my sister-in-law and i arrived at worlds away on saturday, they were closed. at 2pm. or they were hiding in the back ignoring us. either way, i almost cried in the street. but i didn't. because look what was just across the way (and open):

south front antiques! more like south front awesome. or south front i-want-to-buy-it-all. seriously, they have so many fabulous things of the architectural-salvage variety. like...

old doors and windows (including tudor-style harlequin panes like this, which i severely, sinfully covet for my household)

bins and buckets full of old hardware, knobs, building stars, hinges and the like

old mantels (if only i had a fireplace! or the space to install one as a faux fireplace!)

intricate random ironwork and old stair railings

decorative pediments and columns and finials and corbels and other delightful accents from old buildings

chandys and sconces and lamps and lanterns

cast iron tubs

...among myriad other neat old stuff. they also have a bunch of art and prints and frames and mirrors and other accessories. like african carved masks and mounted animal head trophies...if that's your thang.


IF you happen to be in downtown memphis on front street (or even if you're not), THEN you should go to south front antiques and scope it out. fo sho.

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