Thursday, August 20, 2009


riddle me this:

SOMEone on this planet is capable of upholstering things, because there are lots of upholstered things around. so. why can't that someone be me?

anybody got any leads on upholstery classes in the memphis metro area? slash an upholsterer who needs an apprentice? slash fail-safe online upholstery tutorials? hmm?

i saw approximately 25 chairs on last saturday's thrifting excursion that would have been very happy to come home with me...were i capable of reupholstering them. i don't mean little pull-the-seat-out-and-staple-new-fabric-on chairs. cuz i'm already all up in that. i mean like wingbacks. and my couch. and this set of estate sale chairs that the captain acquired several years ago:

what even is that pattern? besides gross. and threadbare. and dog-chewed.

andnoiwillnotpaysomeoneelsetodoit. no sirree. who do you think i am? see previous examples of stubbon i-can-do-it-myself-even-if-i-have-no-clue-how-to-do-it nature here and here.

also, my grama could upholster back in the day. and i'm pretty sure it's genetic.

(pictures of things that i could probably find at a thrift store and reupholster myself via wisteria)

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