Friday, August 28, 2009

speaking of slipcovers...

...slash skirts...i think that's technically what i'm talking about here.

so anyway.

i'd bookmarked this post on little green notebook and kept thinking about how much i super liked the skirt she put on her console table:

then i saw this table on thrifty and chic motif, via diy thursday at a soft place to land:

and also this one on imperfectly beautiful, complete with the fabulous detailing of my secret lover, nailhead trim (yall, girlfriend made that out of a drop cloth. for real.):

and this one, from newlywed diaries, which required zero sewing (!) but looks quite schmancy:

and then i came across another one whilst perusing the archives of urban grace interiors, which looks like the absolute best most perfect and awesome idea of all time for craft supply storage (of which we are in desperate need up in hura):

my roommate and i had curtains made of that fabric in another color back in the pre-married days. i'm pretty sure this is fate. good thing i'm already planning to head to the fabric store with my sister-in-law tomorrow. i should have some good before-and-afters to share soon!

which reminds me of the super "before" that captain fantastic and i made into an "after"...two weeks ago...that i have yet to photograph. dang. i'll accomplish that this weekend. assuming i can squeeze it in to my busy schedule of eating ice cream and watching tlc. the better half is on a fly-fishing excursion, and those activities are pretty much mandatory while he's gone. indeed.

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