Monday, August 31, 2009

weekend productivity

a few things:

1) we began repainting the living room yesterday, and i would like to give a shout out to olympic's low-odor, zero-voc interior paint. this is our first go-round with environmentally preferable painting products, and boy-howdy are we impressed so far. i spent the better part of the afternoon lowering my nose into the paint can and exclaiming "wow, it really doesn't smell!" and therefore, neither does our house. captain fantastic is fairly certain that any paint that smells so little and cleans up so easily will soon just fall right off the walls. with approximately 4 strokes of edging left, i managed to dump half of the container on my bare foot...and it came off in the shower before i even sudsed up my loofah! amazing.

2) i made my first pilgrimage to joann on saturday with my sister-in-law. wow. it is now possibly my favorite place on earth. michael's and hancock's in one but nicer and with a large selection of home decor fabrics? yes please! it's just unfortunate that this outpost is stationed approximately on the other side of the planet from my home. no quick trips after work in my future, only full-scale weekend expeditions to the burbs.

anyway, i bought some stuff there. most excitingly: fabric to reupholster some slip seat chairs i nabbed at a flea market a few weeks ago + a few yards of muslin to give the dining room chair slipcover template ye olde college try. and an upholstery book. stay tuned.

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