Monday, August 24, 2009

daily lichen: glass lamps

to encourage daily posting without inducing panic attacks over diy projects or before-and-afters or being clever, i'm going to post a picture (or pictures) each day of something that inspires me. slash something i like. something i'm liking. likin'. lichen. which is similar to moss in that it grows on stones.


or not. puns are my fave. but anyway, maybe you'll like what i'm lichen too. then we'll all be happy, because i'm posting daily and you're seeing neat things and i'm making use of my inspiration files and so forth and so on etc. and i'll make additional posts when i've actually done something worth posting. howsabout that?

so, here's what i'm lichen today: glass lamps.

like these, as seen on design sponge

and these, from stray dog designs (LOVE this company)

and most especially, these from pottery barn

i plan to put that post-wedding-registry discount to good use and acquire two of these in "jade" to flank my living room couch. i'm a symmetry sort of gal.

in related news, a weekend trip to nashvegas to visit my godparents and help my baby bro move into his new apartment resulted in an awesome and unexpected parting gift: godmother linda loaned me a set of instructional dvds on...learning to upholster. SCORE. i think i'll get my feet wet by doing up those aztec-navajo-southwestern patterned estate sale chairs a la pink & polka dot's laziest slipcover tutorial ever (via living with lindsay) and see where we go from there. it is so on.

1 comment:

me said...

i have that same tutorial saved in case i come across some a-mazing chairs for cheap at an estate sale. josh did not come with any unfortunate chairs like captain fantastic did. hmmm . . .

can't wait to see if it is as lazy as she claims!

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