Thursday, December 3, 2009


behold the Big Green Egg, grill of champions (and captains. of fantasticness.):

complete with custom grill table featuring granite counter top, storage drawer and fold-out extra workspace. just-arrived wedding gift from best man, cousin joe bob, and fabulous friends, matt & wendy. i know. ridiculous. ridiculously generous. ridiculously awesome. captain fantastic is ridiculously thrilled. me too.

but lauren, you don't eat meat, whatever will you do with that grill?

BOOYA. frigging spinach and mushroom pizza. on the grill. so not kidding.

best. grill. ever.

you can also bake bread on it. and make cookies. MAKE. COOKIES. we are so doing this all the time. too bad the back porch light suddenly refuses to operate. no matter. improvisation, meet holiday spirit:

the hedges are jealous.


maribeth said...


Anonymous said...

grilled pizza is THE BEST! woohooo!

so intrigued to hear how the cookies go when you do them...

Jeremy Moore said...


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