Sunday, January 31, 2010

let it "snow"

this one's for my homies up north. wanna know how much frozen precipitation it takes to shut down the state of tennessee for an entire weekend? this much:

it's ok, you can laugh. see, we aren't equipped with things like snow plows and tire chains in the dirty south, and a handful of salt-spreading trucks won't cut it at times like these. so we have to mob the grocery store, interrupt all the prime-time television programs with winter storm warnings, cancel school and all community activities and hunker down for the long haul. just like this past friday. woohoo, snow day!

certainly we did some decorating around the house with all our free time, right? indeed:

yes, that couch has a pull-out bed. no, that's not as much fun as a snow-weekend pallet on the floor. obviously.

after two days of lounging, movie watching and pancake eating, captain fantastic got some cabin fever. so he did some grilling while it sleeted. sloat. had slat. past tense. chicken? calzones? quesadillas? he literally grilled every grillable item in the house on one afternoon, amidst active precipitation:

then we took the big dogs for a walk, which was ill-advised given the ratio of ice to exposed sidewalk. we didn't get very far. but we did get a chance to do a little dog-sledding:

woohoo, innagural blog video! betwixt tomfoolery, we did actually work on some projects this weekend. stay tuned for two new light fixtures and a multi-function storage solution this week. peace out and stay warm, y'all!

please note: despite all evidence in this post to the contrary, we are not complete rednecks. sterling, however, is actually a total spaz.


Liz said...

Boo to "this video is currently not available." Love the hair, though!

tricia said...

Too funny. I don't think Daisy would get too far.

You need to post a pic of your hair!!!

Marie said...

love the pic of c-fan grilling in his parka... he's so hard-core!!! you guys should definitely send that to whatever company makes the Egg grills!

Emily said...

So, I followed the link over here after reading your vacuum rave (and that you're a zebra stripe flat wearer) and I think I'm in love. I know we just met and all, but I'm ready to proclaim it to the world. You have a darling house, fabulous hair and obviously good taste in shoes. Cannot WAIT for a few hours to kill to read through your old posts.

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