Friday, August 6, 2010

dog days

firstly, the bathroom. it is nearing completion. it has been fulling functioning since last friday, hallelujah, but there are still a few touches to be completed before a reveal.

secondly, marley dog. is old. and needed a comfy-er bed than the lumpy petco monstrosity cstone bought in a pinch. so i made him one last weekend.

i cut a twin size egg crate mattress pad in thirds, stacked the thirds together with spray adhesive, then sewed a cover for it. the fabric coordinates with both the bedroom and the living room, so m-dawg has somewhere to curl up no matter where he's standing guard. lying guard, rather. and mama is happy because it's cute.

i mean handsome. and manly. (marbs makes that face at me often. like, woman. get out of my face. srsly. trying to nap.)

i washed and dried both the main and cording fabric before making the cover, and i installed a zipper on one side, so it can easily be removed for regular dates with the washing machine. very regular dates with the washing machine.

gooooood booooooy.

sterling will get one too. no worries. i've got some green and white ticking fabric for just such an occasion.

thirdly, our garden. we haz one.

c-fan constructed the raised bed out of fence posts and planted it a while back. the several varieties of tomato are thriving. and woe unto the squirrel who destroys this crop, because we are EXCITED. the squash were taking over the bed for a long time, but apparently they don't cotton to 115 degree heat indices, because they have perished. r.i.p. but i don't like squash anyway, and you know what? we had our first harvest last night!

monster okra!

we promptly collected a few and tried out the blue jean gourmet's fried okra recipe.

look! i fried! almost entirely by myself! that must warrant some southern belle merit badge or something.

and they were extremely delicious. can't wait for the next harvest.

tgif, girlfriends. tgif.


Anonymous said...

The dog bed turned out really nice Lauren!

And the fried okra looks tasty. :)

Marie said...

Great pictures of the Marleybear!! I love the bed, too.i would say i want one for Ping but she only prefers the real thing

Nishta said...

very impressed with the dog bed (as usual)--trying not to let Dolly see the screen because she'll be jealous.

and I'm so excited you tried the okra! and enjoyed it! they look perfect--that's one benefit to crazy-hot weather--the okra grows like weeds. hooray for Southern gardens & Southern fried goodness.

**Frugal Contessa** said...

Hey lady! I'm having trouble locating your email on your blog, so I thought I'd leave a comment to let you know you won my little giveaway. Send me a quick email with your address so I can put the earrings in the mail to you. Cheers!

Meg said...

I mean, I totally think you are the bees knees 100%, but sometimes I have to tell myself that it's not lady like to be so jealous of a girl who is so clearly witty and incredibly talented! That dog bed is awesome!!

And fried okra is my FAVORITE!! It looks incredible! Great job on the growing and the frying. Yum.

Paul said...

We want to see the bathroom.

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