Thursday, September 9, 2010

design crush: aidan gray

do you ever come across an item you love on a blog, then visit the website of the maker of that item only to be all "are you [expletive] kidding me?" and drop jaw and skip a few heartbeats? in a good way?

what am i talking about. you read blogs. of course you do this.

that's how i felt the other day when one post on the layla grace blog led me down the interweb rabbit hole to an exhilarating array of aidan gray products. i'll take one of each, please. two of some. please put a rush on the gothic arched window and spiral topiary in the above photo. nevermind that they don't appear to actually sell those.

their lighting? is fabulous.

i'm in the process of transforming a pair of lamps with a great shape but unfortunate finish into something more like this (and perhaps i have found the perfect lampshade solution?):

had i a breakfast room, this would live there:

and who wouldn't love to sit in chairs like these:

a great coffee table slash ottoman, grand in scale:

a whole array of fabulously finished furnishings:

and decorative accessories (i'm a sucker for a wire urn. obviously.):

currently petitioning captain fantastic to make something inspired by this out of some old pallet wood stacked behind the guyrage:

also in the process of stripping and (majorly) repairing a pair of cabinets rescued from the in-laws' garage that are quite similar to and hopefully will eventually look like this:

aidan gray? is totally my jam. from the website, it looks to me like these people know what they're doing in the finish department, though i can't speak for the quality in real life. for more goodness, check out the aidan gray website. do you feel me on this?


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Have you ever gone to visit the "show room" at Ray and Boudain in Memphis? It is off of Racine and Walnut Grove. You MUST go visit. It pairs nicely with these pictures you have posted.
They have a great web page with some of their projects on it, I thought at first that this is where it came from.

mary-kathryn said...

oh agreed!! i wanted this aiden gray leather wingback-- well, let's be honest-- i wanted two of them, but finally faced reality that i wasn't going to have the money to buy them anytime soon!

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