Friday, November 19, 2010

day 20: a hobby of yours

my biggest, longest, love-of-my life hobby? making things. in general. from sewing purses for my bridesmaids to drawing my own cards for every occasion since birth to painstakingly painting furniture for myself and others, i'm always making something. usually the most complicated slash detailed something i can possibly make. for example: waste baskets. i have been dying to make some hand-painted waste baskets for quite some time now. i finally found some suitable wooden numbers, just in time for a collection of birthdays and holidays. for my first go-round, a birthday gift for my chic new york lawyer pal (whose new digs she plans to outfit in navy velvet upholstery, acrylic bar stools and mirrored case goods) i had the perfect pattern in mind: the illustrious kwid imperial trellis. painted by hand, with love. the most important ingredient in all my projects. aaaaaawwwwwww.

amidst victoria's packing paraphernalia before the big move

i made a stencil and traced it onto the sides, then painted all the blue bits by hand.

guess what's on all my friends' birthday wish lists this year?


Anne said...

Ooh. Swanky. Seriously, great job on the waste basket. Why didn't you blog about this sooner?

maribeth said...

wow! i spotted a similar waste basket in country living for well over $100. oh my! i thought about doing my own until i realized that if i painted it, it would look like my six year old did it! lovely work, mrs. stone!

Hilary Dow Ward said...

L.A. Stone! Aren't you a fancy pants!
Tres Cool - Et Tres chic!

Nishta said...

dang that's purty

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