Thursday, December 2, 2010

day 24: where i live


i'm a southern girl, born and bred. i cherish bbq festivals on the mighty mississippi (for the good times with friends as opposed to the bbq i don't eat):

southern gents in their summer finery:

dad, burruss and captain fantastic on easter. yes, i am wearing a coat. never said i like/understand memphis weather.

downtown tomfoolery with life-long friends:

bachelorette partay at raiford's

hometown basketball pride:

...and a bunch of other stuff that i don't have pictures to illustrate.

a few hours to the east gives you the great smoky mountains

a few hours west gives you the ozarks

a few hours south gives you the white sand beaches of the gulf

but my favorite spot is right here at home:

waiting for daddy circa 2009

memphis, tennessee

spring cleaning the garage, hence the redneck back yard. very tennessee of us, no?

1 comment:

BamaT1212 said...

The Mid-South really is a good location, especially for SEC football lovers! The weather is good for most things (just not beautiful fall foliage). We could live somewhere worse. :)

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