Thursday, March 17, 2011

procrastination: lesson learned

alternate title: why we can't have nice things.

lesson #1:

probably a year ago, i ordered a pair of monogrammed pillows from ballard designs:

with the intention of adding ribbon trim to them for our boudoir, like so:

by melissa rufty

which i did. like 6 months ago. yet failed to photograph all pretty-like for the blog. and a few weeks ago? the day before the 4 year anniversary of the day i brought a baby sterling home from the animal shelter? when i was feeling all sentimental about how much i love that dog? i came home from work to this:

and so. all i have to share now are crappy phone pictures of a bed with one pillow.

but hey, check out that grosgrain trim! with mitered corners and everything!

lesson #2:

in september, i exchanged a gift at stein mart and got a pair of black resin lamps:

i did manage to take before pictures, high five!

which i painted with linen milk paint and glazed, then placed on our bedside tables. and all was right with the world for a few months.

don't mock my salt lamp. i freaking love my salt lamp. it emits good energy and a saixy glow.

until an incident a few weeks ago wherein cstone attempted to help me make the bed.

resin lamps? do not fare well when knocked off a bedside table. sigh.

a pair of these have been ordered as a suitable replacement:

and also less breakable. time will tell...

is your household a death trap for home decor? or is it just me? anyone?


Anne said...

I could trade you my two boys for your husband and dogs and you'd still be better off. Ease up there, Captain Fantastic and Furry Children!

Nell said...

Lesson #1 resonates with me. I just caught myself rearranging the duvet so the chewed corner doesn't show when you walk in the room. Love the grosgrain!!

Scott said...

We husbands have the best intentions...really!

TootieFlootie said...

I feel your dog pain, and admire your craftiness. :)

Sheridan French said...

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write such a sweet comment on my giveaway. Really thoughtful of you!! I love your blog btw - so great. Have a good week :))) xoxo Sheridan.

ALR said...

This is my life as well...four dogs mean I get to replace and repair things pretty often. Love your projects!

I do not mean to hound you, but I still need your address to mail you the giveaway you won on my blog.

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