Friday, July 27, 2012

upholstered headboard

it's friday afternoon, and we all have an olympic opening ceremony extravaganza to prepare for. i'll be brief.

one of my quasi-recent client projects was this upholstered headboard. you've seen the tutorial a thousand times - plywood, foam, batting, fabric, nailheads. my clients mounted it to the wall with a 2x4 secured to the back of the plywood frame and had a bedskirt made of the same material. et voila!

you like? howsabout that great master bedroom, eh? you want? is for sale. the entire house, in fact. 3 br/2 ba on a quiet street in east memphis. interested? it's fsbo - i can put you in touch.  

the end.


Unknown said...

I am not finding an email. I know Stone is a common name and I was curious about something...I was online researching a picture my Grams had in her house. Rose Stone 1863. I am unaware of any such Rose and fear the ancestors that might have would have passed long ago. Grams was the last. Her husbands father was Lauren Stone and I was searching for Lauren or Rose Stone thinking the water colour bust of Rose I found was perhaps Grampa Lauren's sister. I just wasn't sure.

At any rate...your blog is amazing. And you have great ideas for low budget renovating. Amazing. It was a rather pleasant stop from my research of an unknown ancestor.

Hilary Dow Ward said...

Is this the Hill's house? Yes, they have a cute house. Wondering if this is theirs.

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