Friday, July 15, 2011

operation finish

greetings! anybody still out there? sincere apologies for this most egregious lapse in blogging. it's been a whirlwind few months chez stone, culminating in my decision to quit an awful, time-sucking, soul-crushing job without another one lined up. yikes! sometimes in life, things are not what they seem. time to chalk it up to "life experience" and move on. so, what's next? i'm taking a few weeks to recover and reevaluate. kinda like the post-college gap year backpacking through europe that i never had. except with less gelato and more not spending any money.

in an effort to get back in touch with my poor shriveled creative spirit, i'm going to focus a lot on this blog. there are dozens and dozens of unfinished projects stacked up in my craft room, attic and garage that can be completed for zero dollars. there are also lots of closets, cabinets and shelves (not to mention the aforementioned craft room, attic and garage) that can be thoroughly cleaned and organized for zero dollars. tons of projects! hours of entertainment! zero dollars! and so, friends, it's time for....


show of hands: how many of you are like me, with supplies out the ears for well-intentioned projects that were never completed? over the next few weeks, i am going to systematically revisit these projects. and finish them. for zero dollars. or as close to zero dollars as possible. who's with me?!

despite the lack of time and will to live blog resultant from my recent workplace adventures, there have been some projects in the works up in here. here's what team stone has been up to over the past few months...

building shutters:

the old plastic shutters in the paint-testing phase

celebrating our 2nd anniversary:

family portrait fail

building a deck:

creating a gallery wall:

still searching for a few pieces...

organizing household storage:

indeed, we are rich in candles

and snuuuuggling:



Anonymous said...

Yeah! You are back and I can't wait to see finished projects. Hopefully they will inspire me! ~j

TootieFlootie said...

Also glad you're back! I find cleaning and doing projects to be very therapeutic. I love the gallery wall...I'm hoping to create one myself. (Now, just for a big wall...) And I hate our shutters! Are you just painting yours, or completely re-doing them? I'll be curious to see the result there, too. :0)

mrs. jones said...

in total agreement with tootie footie that finishing up things you have not had time to work on and organizing those closets & rooms will be the best therapy ever. can't wait to see and hear about all the results...i am sure you will wow and inspire us!! xx

Nishta said...

first, so excited you quit the job that was bringing you down! I hated hearing how frustrated you were by it when I saw you in June. second, so excited you are blogging again!!! I've missed your posts & projects...and since I'm totally about the home improvement these days, I know you'll inspire me.

Scott said...

The world is a better place now that Lauren Stone has resumed blogging. SOOOO sorry to hear about your employment travails. They had to be real bastardi. You rock.

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