Friday, July 29, 2011

color! pattern! paint!

sure has been depressing around here recently, huh? july 2011 goes down in stone family history as the absolute pits. here's hoping august brings a major upswing.

the antidote to bummertown? color! pattern! paint! OPERATION FINISH! today i completed two projects from my long-standing to-do pile.

first, an old paint caddy of my mom's. if i'm to cart around paint supplies all the live-long day, oughtn't i do so in style?


please note the carpet. when did we remove the carpet? november 2009. OPERATION FINISH!

a vera bradley napkin, a little mod podge, my kwid imperial trellis stencil and some paint later, the AFTER:

hoarding art supplies? who, me?

infinitely more festive!

next, a plain wooden tray i picked up ages ago. no before picture; just envision, if you will, a plain wooden tray. envisioning? mkay. i painted it white, mod podged a piece of fabric to the bottom, then painted on a monogram. of course.

post-mod podge, pre-monogram

monogram in progress


notice another fabric mod podged project in the background - the pink frame

looks like the various geometric melamine & acrylic trays i've lusted over, but for what? FO' FREE. booyah.


mrs. jones said...

operation finish! go go go!! love both of these...promise not to turn you in for an episode of "hoarders".

Scott said...

I love the word "oughtn't."

ErinQ said...

I'm so glad you are back in the blogosphere, I missed you! Do you swear by ModPodge, or have you tried the make-your-own with white glue and water? I'm crossing my fingers for an uptick your August too.

TootieFlootie said...

Start an etsy shop! :-) I also love that you're back. I like to paint as well, and have this very same variety of acrylics. No fancy paint tray, though...I just have a toolbox to carry them around!

Nishta said...

you are so out of control, in the best possible way. I wish you lived closer, so you could teach me how to do these pretty things, too.

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