Wednesday, August 3, 2011

let there be light... paint on my dining room chandelier. i am awesome at naming blog posts. also awesome at doing projects and waiting eleventy years to post them. like when i took the plain, dark chandy that came in our dining room - similar to this:

- and lightened it up with milk paint, antiquing glaze, and new shades, thusly:

the homeless colony of glasses, bottles and candlesticks on the bar has been streamlined in the ensuing eleventy years. thank you, operation finish! also in the dining room are these items and curtains i made out of this:

fyi. it's coming along slowly. but in an awesome way that i am digging. so, you know, worth the wait.

1 comment:

BamaT1212 said...

Love! How much would you charge a good friend for some major redeco help? (After I get a full-time job, of course...)

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