Friday, September 11, 2009

shiny happy furniture

as previously stated, i dig mirrored furniture. but, as erin pointed out in a comment, i do not dig cleaning mirrors. or much of anything. unless it involves a vacuum. i freaking LOVE to vacuum. which is a good thing, given that my two large dogs shed approximately the weight of a small child every day while i'm at work. alas, the dyson animal hair vac does not do mirrors.


look at this:

monica at craftynest is a crafty genius. old table + silver paint = shiny silver table. the look of mirrored furniture without the irritating cleaning regimen. what did i tell you? crafty. genius.

i'm thinking: take one plain piece of furniture like so

apply some silver paint to the front of the doors. paint everything else white. add some white trim on top of the silver door panels. end up with something like so

now who wants to go thrifting tomorrow?? i need something to dull the pain of the travesty that these

are on backorder until december.

woe is me.


Rebecca said...

ok I MUST is the dyson pet vac??? i go thru a vacuume per year due to my four furry friends. Does it do carpet and wood floor? how about stairs?

ErinQ said...

Brilliant! I love it- and it's muh more practical that the mirrors.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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