Friday, September 25, 2009

do these curtains make me look fat?

horizontal stripes: generally viewed as a fashion no-no, but a definite decor yes-yes in my book. this post on material girls dallas highlights a variety of decorating options involving stripes - those walls! that headboard! the settee! drool! - and i am 500 shades of "heck yes!" about it. half the pictures in that post were already in my inspiration files.

we all know about my striped rug, which i am totally digging. i am not so much digging the dark stripes' propensity for collecting white dog hair or the fact that my uber-clever ole wind-yarn-around-the-rolled-rug-edge-to-determine-length trick resulted in my purchasing a rug pad that's a foot too short...but that's neither here nor there. operation stripe is officially a "go" chez stone.

the next two rooms of my house that are due for a little stripe-age are the hallway and our bedroom. the hallway is currently swathed in a beige and white dapply, sponge-paint looking wallpaper. it is unawesome. the hallway is clearly visible from the front door (which is neat when forgetting that the door is open and walking nekkie from the bedroom to the bathroom wonder the neighbs are always on their front porch...) and we'd like it to pack more of a visual punch. here's inspiration for what i'd like to do:

the lettered cottage, design*sponge?, blogger i didn't write down - help!, domino

the questions are thus: horizontal or vertical? skinny or wide? subtle or bold? i think i know what i want to do, but your input is encouraged.

and for the master suite (were a suite barely large enough to hold one queen-sized bed and two king-sized dogs) i wanna get my stripe on like so:

cote de texas, little green notebook (2 & 4), urban grace interiors

the most literal example of my plan being the last picture, both in room application and in color palette. anybody seen any railroaded stripes in a subtle blue-gray/cream colorway with a reasonable price tag? mama needs to make some curtains.

in closing, can i get a resounding TGIfreakingF?

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maribeth said...

i am in lurve with similar striping ideas. i showed josh a picture of a bathroom recently with wide subtle striping that i thought was presh and wanted his input. of course, he quickly made a horrible, gagging noise that made me wonder if he needed the heimlich. what he lacks in taste, he makes up for in photog skills, thank goodness. and, he usually comes around before i go ahead with said design choice anyway. all that being said, i have to vote for wide, subtle stripes in the hallway. you probably don't want it to be too contrasty or it would overwhelm your small space. or your assumed small space, as i live in a similar area and don't believe there were anything but small spaces back then. can't wait to see your results!

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