Wednesday, September 2, 2009

keepin' it real

painting the living room is taking for. ev. er. and it is not that big. it is old though, and full of baseboards that needed cleaning and nails that needed removing and holes that needed patching etcetera and so forth and so on ad nauseum. then there have been the little hiccups, including but not limited to:

*my spilling half a gallon of paint on my foot.

*cleaning giant paint smears off the hardwoods after we were mistaken in assuming that said spill had dried overnight on the dropcloth.

*cleaning dozens of painted paw prints off the hardwoods (see "spill," above).

*captain unfantastic's accidentally purchasing a new gallon of valspar low odor paint (low odor my a$$; i'm still mostly dead of toxic fume poisoning) instead of the tried-and-true olympic

* a slightly darker interpretation of "table linen"

*...which we realized when we noticed that the two coats of edging i'd previously applied were too light and needed to be edged...again...

there follows, we have been painting for 3 days and are not yet finished. but soon, friends, soon.

get excited, because it's already looking fabulous.

also forthcoming = snazzed-up flea market chairs, as mentioned in a previous post. the ole home-improvement diapraghm was spazzing on that one too, in the form of:

*old stain bleeding through my new coat of paint

*...which i was unable to complete because the can was empty.

*half a dozen old staples in the staple gun, which didn't go in all the way when i recovered the seat

*...and only came halfway out when i tried to remove them

*...and the pliers are m.i.a.

seeeeeeew...once we get these things under control, it'll be game on around here.

i like to think of myself as a blog ambassador for those who are frowned upon by the gods of luck, skill and unlaziness, but love to DREAM BIG nonetheless. indeed.

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Unknown said...

this is my kind of keepin it real

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