Friday, November 6, 2009

mourning, with a dash of celebration

you know what makes me really sad? when a song starts to play on the radio, and i think it's that awesome "werewolves of london song," but then it turns out to be that awful redneck summertime kidd rock song. so disappointing.

what makes me even more sad is that as of wednesday, my parents no longer live in the house in which i was born and raised. the combination of wonderful childhood memories plus my aversion to change and my tendency to get attached to inanimate objects has caused me to have a substantial come-apart this week. i've had little time for blogging in between helping them move, rescuing stuff from the upcoming estate sale and crying like someone died. the good news is that it's giving me a chance to reflect on what a blessed life i've lead and how lucky i am to still have all the wonderful memories and all the friends and family with whom those memories were made. cycle of life, friends, cycle of life.

it's not all woe-is-me around here though folks, because apparently people LIKE me! i was super excited to discover a few new followers this week, and while perusing the lovely get your martha on, i saw that she nominated me for the kreativ blogger award, and i about hyperventilated. blogging will do that to you, you know - get you all hot and bothered over a comment or link or made-up award from a person you don't know. a person you don't know who has a fabulous blog about fabulous projects with way better pictures and more consistent posting than yours. thank you so much for the award and for the dozen new projects i'm now inspired to add to my to-do list! be sure to check out get your martha on for lots of cute, quality sewing projects and humorous commentary from a gal after my own heart.

maybe the best part about the award is that it comes with the requirement that i share seven things about myself. and wouldn't you know, i delight in filling out forms only slightly less than i enjoy talking about myself! so let's get this party started:

1. i have officially been a vegetarian since i was 12 years old. more accurately, a pescaterian. i think it stems from an aversion to all the nasty grisley veiny boney bits i encountered in meat in early childhood. this pickiness from a young age lead to plenty of hilarity at the mcdonald's drive through on family car trips when dad would request a cheeseburger with no meat. imagine how well that went over circa 1990.

2. i sucked my thumb every night until about that same age (neeeerd), but i never needed braces, and my teeth are almost perfectly straight. same with captain fantastic (minus the thumb-sucking). hopefully, our future children will hit that genetic jackpot as well and save us some sweet moola at the dentist's office.

3. i went to the same all-girls private school from age four until high school graduation. i was in the first pre-kindergarten class at the school, and since my maiden name topped the alphabetical class list, i was technically the first student to graduate after attending all 15 years. my dad told that story to everyone within ear shot for at least 2 years. who am i kidding, he still tells that story. and apparently, so do i.

4. i cannot eat pudding, yogurt or anything else with that nasty, mucousy texture. barf.

5. i can, however, roll my tongue into the shape of a clover.

6. i've only broken one bone in my entire life: the summer of 2007, i got a smidge overzealous in my running routine and caused a stress fracture in my hip. i had to rock some crutches for six months, which i'd highly recommend NOT doing when you have a six-month-old puppy and live on the second story of an apartment building. it was always amusing to explain to people how a 25-yr-old ended up with a broken hip. no, i did not fall in the bathtub. or on the shuffleboard court. or at the old folks' home bingo tourney.

7. as a child, i wanted to be a marine biologist and have red-headed twins named alouysious and anastasia. not so much panning out. good call.

and also,



Anne said...

Aw, shucks.

I wanted to be a marine biologist, also, when I was younger after I read in my Seventeen magazine that Nikki Taylor wanted to be a marine biologist. Hey, I was impressionable. Two kids and 17 years later, I am now relieved that I didn't pursue a line of work that would've required me to wear a wet suit.

Thanks for sharing!

mrs. jones said...

la, this is fabulous...congrats on your award. plus i love knowing more about you! xox

Anonymous said...

I love that I knew all of those things about you except #4 and I agree halfway: can do yogurt but not pudding. of course, I make my own yogurt so it's not all weird and emulsified like the store-bought kind. texture is a deal-breaker!

also, congratulations on the award--you deserve it.

BamaT1212 said...

ditto nishta - i knew most of those things about you. congrats on the award! is it a real blogger award or an award made up by a blogger? since i'm not immersed in the blogger world, not sure...

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