Monday, November 2, 2009


i love multitasking. what could be better than simultaneously sculpting your legs and freshening up your living room? observe:

ta-da! home improvement at its finest. TEAM STONE [jazz hands]! let's just pretend i posted these pictures approximately 3 months ago when the painting actually happened, shall we? the good news is that i now have the authority to share that we are still pleased with our choice of "table linen" paint color.

and now, a promise: soon, i will have an exciting transformation to share with you. i am almost finished painting my console table (seen below in its "before" state):

that little round stool from my grandma's old house is getting a makeover too. the leather ram though, he's in good shape. he was the only accessory in captain fantastic's living room when we started dating: a couch, FOUR non-matching club chairs lined up against the wall, a 1970s console record player and the ram. hilarious.

in closing, let me just say that there is little more adorable slash hilarious than a grown man learning to play "heart and soul" on the piano. that baby grand beaut has brought much joy to this household.

1 comment:

Anne said...

I kind of want that ram.

Am very jealous of the piano. My mom has promised to pass her baby grand on to me when her arthritis gets too bad. Which reallly puts me in a moral quandary ... until then, it's me and the console.

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