Tuesday, November 10, 2009

yay! i think.

the good news is that i have finished painting my console table and it looks really good ifidosaysomyself! yay! the bad news is that i haven't found appropriate hardware for it, so no pictures yet. boo.


the good news is that we're ripping up the nasty carpet in the hall/den/two bedrooms to refinish the hardwoods underneath! yay! the bad news is that a pod is currently sitting in front of my house, waiting for me to fill it with all my furniture tonight and move into the captain's cousin's house for the rest of the week while simultaneously on press deadline at work. boo.

but overall, i think the consensus is: YAY! or at least it will be next week when things return to normal...until then, the consensus is that i will most likely lose my mind.

here's hoping that by thanksgiving my house looks something like this:

via delight by design

i totally dig that rug, ps. anybody seen a similar one?

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